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1483 W Anderson St
Stockton, CA 95206

Why Us

J&E is a family owned and operated business in Stockton, CA with over 30 years in the truck repair industry. We offer everything from Light duty to Heavy Duty towing. Our drivers are highly trained and WreckMaster Certified to take care of all of your towing needs. Along with towing we also offer truck and trailer repair, with eight truck bays we are well equipped for any truck or trailer repairs! If you are in need of a Towing Service in Stockton, CA call upon J & E Truck Service & Repair. For years we have provided a variety of services including Truck Repair, Towing Services, Trailer Repair and much more. We strive to get you back out on the road as quickly as possible.


Here is some basic information you need to know...

In order to retrieve your vehicle and/or personal property, you must provide the following - NO EXCEPTIONS!

1. Release papers from the impounding agency (if required)
2. You must be the CURRENT registered owner of the vehicle, or an agent of the
registered or legal owner. If you are acting as an agent, you must provide a notarized
statement from the registered or legal owner authorizing you to take possession of the
vehicle or property.
3. You must have valid government issued identification
4. All charges must be paid in full. No company or personal checks. We accept cash, Visa, Master, and discover cards.

If your vehicle has been towed by us please click below to verify

Towing Office Hours Differ From Shop Hours:

Towing Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Saturday and Sunday Closed


Make a payment


In addition to your hourly impoundment fee, vehicles will accrue a daily storage fee and lien fees. You will be notified of lien sale via postal service at the address on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
If you fail to redeem your vehicle, the vehicle will be sold at public auction in attempt to recover the outstanding towing, storage, and lien fees. If you are the responsible party of the vehicle, it is in your best interest to redeem the vehicle as soon as possible or make other arrangements. This will eliminate any further liability to you.
If you fail to redeem your vehicle, it will be considered abandoned. California Motor Vehicle Code22523 (b) states "No person shall abandon a vehicle upon public or private property without the express or implied consent of the owner or person in lawful possession or control of the property."

We also have the right to refer this matter to a collection agency for the balance owed. We will report any unpaid debt to credit reporting agencies.
Vehicles sold at auction rarely sell for the amount of charges outstanding. The sale price of the vehicle is deducted from the total bill and the remaining outstanding amount will be processed to our collections department. California Civil Code 3068.2 makes the registered owner(s) responsible for the towing, storage and lien sale charges less the amount we receive from the sale.
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